BrewBlog: BohoPils
Brewer: Chris Egolf
Brew Date: February 21, 2011
Tap Date: March 27, 2011
Yield: 11 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC):
Bitterness (Calc): 44 IBU (Daniels)
BU/GU: 0.85
Calories: 171 (12 ounces)
Conditioning: Keg
ABV: 5.3%
ABW: 4.2%
OG: 1.052
OG (Plato): 12.86° P
Reading 1: 1.012  (19 days)
FG: 1.012
FG (Plato): 3.07° P
Target FG: 1.014
Real Extract: 4.84° P
App. Atten.: 76.2%
Real Atten.: 62.4%
General Information
Method: All Grain

I was able to chill the wort to about 55F with a combination of prechilled water flowing through a plate chiller, then directing the wort through a copper coil sitting in an ice bath that I stirred like a maniac.

Further chilled the wort in the fermenter (Sanke keg w/ a fermentation lock) in a temperature controlled refrigerator down to 50F before pitching the yeast and setting the dual temp controller to 45F.  Will raise it back up to 50F over the next 24-36 hours.  

Yeast starter was built up by doing 3 feedings over a week or so.  Yeast cake was about 3/4", so there should be plenty.

20110222 - Raised the the temp settings to 47F in the morning.  No signs of activity yet.  May bump it another degree tonight and then the final 2 degrees tomorrow morning.  

20110224 - Continued raising the temperature to 49/50F w/ the dual temp control.  Activity starting.  

20110302 - Airlock is still bubbling 5-10 times per minute. 

20110309 - Raised temp from 50F to 60F for a diacetyl rest.  

20110312 - Checked gravity: 1.012.  Started crashing it to stop any further fermentation and to begin lagering.  Plan is to rack into glass carboys tomorrow after temp has dropped to about 40F and lager in the fridge for a month or two.  Flavor is clean, malty with spicy hops.  No diacetyl that I can detect.  Perhaps a little astringency, but I can't tell if it's from the hops or from something else.  Hopefully, lagering will clean up the flavors.  Color is bright, straw yellow and pretty clear already.  

20110313 - Transferred to lagering corny kegs.  Set temp controller to 38F.  

20110322 - Placed one keg in the kegerator and started force carbonation @ 35PSI for a day.  

20110323 - Put keg under normal pressure (10 psi).  Carbonation looks about right.  Mostly clear.  Good grainy/malty aroma w/ the spicy Saaz hops in the background.  Still a little cloudy, but mostly clear.  Far from brilliant.  Bitterness lingers a little long than I'd like, almost astringent.  Hopefully, continued lagering will help soften this a bit.  

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
2 tablets Whirlfloc @ 15 minutes  
10 tsp Yeast Nutrient @ 15 minutes  
Total Boil Time: 90 minutes
Name: Urquell Lager
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Product ID: 2001
Type: Lager
Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 74%
Temperature Range: 48–58°F
Amount: 2000 ml
Equipment Profile

My Equipment [cegolf]

Batch Size: 10.00 gallons Boil Volume: 12.55 gallons
Evaporation Rate: 10.0% per hour Mash Tun Dead Space: 0.8 gallons
Efficiency: 70% Mash Tun Weight: 9.00 pounds
Hop Utilization: 100% Mash Tun Volume: 10.00 gallons
Loss: 1.5 gallons Mash Tun Specific Heat: 0.30 Cal/gram per °C
Mash Profile

Single Infusion Mash, Medium Bodied Beer

Grain Temperature: 72°F Tun Temperature: 72°F
Sparge Temperature: 168°F PH: 5.4
PPG: 28.2 Efficiency: 80.6%

Mash profile for most well-modified malts.


# Name Type Time Temp. Description
1 Mash In Infusion 60 min. 154°F

Add 70% of mash water at 166° F / 74° C

2 Mash Out Infusion 10 min. 168°F

Add 30% of mash water at 197° F / 92° C

Water Profile

Parker, CO

Calicum: 66.4 ppm
Bicarbonate: 205 ppm
Sulfate: 69.8 ppm
Chloride: 43.5 ppm
Sodium: 54.1 ppm
Magnesium: 9.5 ppm
PH: 5.4%
Primary: 14 days @ 50° F
Secondary: 2 days @ 60° F
Tertiary: 0 days @ ° F
Lager: 30 days @ 38° F
Tasting Reviews
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