BrewBlog: Where Eagles Dare
Brewer: Geoff Humphrey
Brew Date: May 5, 2013
Tap Date: October 10, 2013
Yield: 12 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC):
Bitterness (Calc): 26.6 IBU (Rager)
BU/GU: 0.35
Calories: 251 (12 ounces)
Conditioning: Keg
ABV: 7.7%
ABW: 6%
Batch No: 08-2013
OG: 1.076
OG (Plato): 18.42° P
Target OG: 1.076
FG: 1.018
FG (Plato): 4.58° P
Target FG: 1.016
Real Extract: 7.08° P
App. Atten.: 75.2%
Real Atten.: 61.6%
Status: Lagering
General Information
Method: All Grain

12 gallons total - 9 gallons will be fermented with WLP833 German Bock Lager yeast.

The other 3 gallons will be fermented with Mangrove Jack's dry M84 Bohemian Lager yeast:

Bohemian Lager is a classic bottom-fermenting, continental lager strain that produces elegant, well balanced beers. Bohemian Lager Yeast is characterized by its dry and clean palate, typical of traditional Czech brewing. This strain confers smooth, subtle yeast characteristics with muted fruit notes, resulting in refreshingly crisp lagers with expressive hop character. While rich and chewy, the beers fermented with this strain will not be sweet, but may have an elusive sweet malt flavor in the aftertaste. Lagering periods as short as 4 weeks may produce acceptable beer, but allowing beer to lager 6-8 weeks will result in beer that is richer, smoother, with a more refined aroma and flavor.

Suitable for German/ Bohemian Pilsners, all lager styles, German Bocks and more.

Curious to see how the small batch turns out with the dried yeast - new on the market.


Hit all temps during the decoction: 124/148/156. No mash out. Had to sparge in two batches to get pre-boil volume.

Mangrove Jack yeast was a dud. No activity after 4 days - pitched Wyeast Munich II to save it.  1.016.

Tasted thine hydrometer sample for the main batch. Good balance at the 1.018 reading.

Iron Maiden influenced name #1. 

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
18.00 pounds 51.8% of grist
13.25 pounds 38.1% of grist
1.25 pounds 3.6% of grist
1.25 pounds 3.6% of grist
0.50 pounds 1.4% of grist
0.50 pounds 1.4% of grist
34.75 pounds 100% of grist
Total Boil Time: 90 minutes
Name: German Bock Lager
Manufacturer: White Labs
Product ID: WLP833
Type: Lager
Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 73%
Temperature Range: 48–55°F
Amount: 5000 ml
Equipment Profile

15 Gallon/57 Liter Brew Pot (15) and 10 Gallon/38 Liter Cooler Mash Tun

Batch Size: 10.00 gallons Boil Volume: 12.55 gallons
Evaporation Rate: 9.00% per hour Mash Tun Dead Space: 0.80 gallons
Efficiency: 72% Mash Tun Weight: 9.00 pounds
Hop Utilization: 100% Mash Tun Volume: 10.00 gallons
Loss: 1.00 gallons Mash Tun Specific Heat: 0.30 Cal/gram per °C
Mash Profile

Double Decoction

Grain Temperature: 72°F Tun Temperature: 72°F
Sparge Temperature: 168°F PH: 5.4
PPG: 26.8 Efficiency: 78.6%

Draw some of the mash, rest, and boil. Add back to main mash.


# Name Type Time Temp. Description
1 Protein Rest Infusion 35 min. 122°F

Add water at 126° F / 52° C

2 Saccharification Decoction 20 min. 147°F

Decoct 30% of mash, rest for at least 10 minutes, and boil

3 Saccharification Decoction 20 min. 158°F

Decoct 15% of mash, rest for at least 10 minutes, and boil

4 Mash Out Infusion 10 min. 168°F

Heat to 168° F / 75° C for at least 10 minutes

Water Profile

London, England

Calicum: 52 ppm
Bicarbonate: 156 ppm
Sulfate: 77 ppm
Chloride: 60 ppm
Sodium: 99 ppm
Magnesium: 16 ppm
PH: 8.0%

Carbonate plus high levels of sodium and chloride encourage balanced, smooth dark beers such as porter and mild.

Primary: 21 days @ 49° F
Secondary: 2 days @ 60° F
Lager: 150 days @ 32° F
Tasting Reviews
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