German Pilsner (Pils) – All Grain GONE


General Info

Broke a carboy.  WELL, THAT SUCKS!!!!!!


Nothing like watching $40.00 of Pilsner sheet across your garage floor.

6.5 Gal. acid carboy.  date on bottom "1994".  Second 6.5 that's broke in the last year.  First one was heat stressed.  Forgot to turn on the water to the counter flow chiller. 


Still, I wonder if the 6.5's aren't more fragile than the 6 gallon ones.  Anyone have an opinion?

Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
16.00 pounds German Pilsen Malt (2-Row) 72.7%
6.00 pounds German Pilsen Malt (2-Row) 27.3%
22.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Non-Fermentable Time
0.25 tsp Super-Moss 11 minutes


Amount Hop Time AA
1.00 ounces Spalt 60 min 4.5%
4.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 60 min 3.7%
2.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 20 min 3.7%
1.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 1 min 3.7%
1.00 ounces Spalt 20 min 4.5%
9.00 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Form Amount
WLP830 White Labs Liquid 1L

Mash Decoction