Imperial IPA – All Grain GONE


General Info

Full Name: Luke Kneewalker mistaking Wookie for good lookin' nookie Double IPA

Grain miscalculation resulted in extra sparging and a 90 minute volume reduction boil.  Bad as far as time and energy go, but got some nice kettle caramelization that enhanced the maltiness of this beer.  Next time - use more grain.

Golden Promise malt and Spalt hops were used because I had them on hand.

I like to use "noble" German hops for the base bittering of my hoppy APA and IPA's.  Flavor and aroma are all American!

Big starters and wort oxygenation prevent stuck or slow fermentations, and help with a very  clean tasting finished product.

Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
25.00 pounds American Pale Malt (2-Row) 71.4%
5.00 pounds Scottish Golden Promise 14.3%
3.00 pounds German Vienna Malt 8.6%
2.00 pounds American Dextrin (Cara-Pils) Malt 5.7%
35.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Non-Fermentable Time
1/4 tsp Super Moss 10 minutes
1 1/2 Tbsp Gypsum 60 minutes


Amount Hop Time AA
2.00 ounces Magnum 91 min 14.0%
6.00 ounces Spalt Select 90 min 5.2%
3.00 ounces Simcoe 20 min 13.1%
2.00 ounces Amarillo 15 min 8.2%
2.00 ounces Amarillo 0 min 8.2%
2.00 ounces Amarillo 0 min 8.2%
2.00 ounces Centennial
19.00 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Form Amount
Cali Ale - WLP001 White Labs Liquid 2x300 ml starters

Mash Infusion

Step Description Temp. Time
infusion 155° F 60 min.

Fermentation and Aging

13 days @ 68° F
17 days @ 68° F


Date Brewed:  

Brew Day Data

  Target Actual Notes
Strike Water Amount: 11.6    
Strike Water Temperature:      
Mash Temperature(s):      
Mash Time:      
Sparge Water Amount: 6.8    
Sparge Water Temperature:      
Pre-Boil Gravity:      
Pre-Boil Amount: 11    
Post-Boil Amount: 10    
Boil Time: 60    
OG: 1.086 / 20.7° P    
Mash PH:      
Boil PH:      

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